Build stunning Ruby on Rails dashboards at lightning speed.

If you're like us most developers, your application's admin is an afterthought. There are plenty of gems available to help us build admin panels, but there's always something missing, right?

We want to help you ship your administration dashboard faster.

Complex domain-specific languages (DSLs) to learn

DSLs are fun, until they're not. We aim to keep the DSLs to a minimum so you can focus on what you do best, writing code.


Use the built-in generator to quickly scaffold resources. Resources wrap ActiveRecord models and have access to CRUD operations and associations.

Custom Fields

While we provide as many fields as we can, we can't get 'em all. Don't worry, we give you the tools to generate custom fields quickly.

ActiveRecord Scopes

We provide you easy access to use a resource's custom scope to filter records.

Custom Pages

Sometimes you need build a one-off page or two, don't worry we've got you covered. We'll provide you a Rails controller and view that you're used to.

So Much More

We're still working to make your application's admin a joy for everyone. We'd love to chat with you to hear what your idea of the "perfect" admin is.

We're still working to deliver a wonderful Ruby on Rails admin dashboard.

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Who's building this?

Jason Charnes

Chris Oliver

Andrew Fomera

In the meantime, why don't you check out the Remote Ruby podcast.